About Us


We are primarily a wholesale business located 40 minutes South of North Bay, Ontario. Xtreme Exotics has been in business for 10 years. We are a husband and wife team and have spent a good part of our lives owning, working and dealing with reptiles and many other animals. Our business isn’t just our livelihood, it’s our hobby and passion. Like our customers we are animal lovers, owners and breeders as well. We consider ourselves truly blessed to be able to make a living at something we both love to do. We are thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through which all of this has been possible. For more information on our faith please visit our salvation page.  

A great many of the animals we offer for sale are bred right here at Xtreme Exotics. The variety of in-house bred animals we offer is always increasing as we constantly obtain new breeding stock. We also cooperate with other breeders to buy and exchange animals to offer you a great variety of true Canadian captive born and bred animals. Any imports are purchased directly from our exporter contacts worldwide and a very select few come from trusted dealers on a re-export basis.

We strive for quality in our animals and we offer a 5 day limited warranty on the animals that we sell wholesale and a 7 day limited warranty on any retail sales. 

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Brandon & Holly Boyes

Our unofficial mascot, Irwin, a Madagascar giant day gecko! Although he doesn't appreciate being handled he is quite tame and basks peacefully while we conduct routine maintenance of his live planted vivarium. Aside from moths (his favorite) Irwin isn't much for bugs these days and instead prefers Clark's crested gecko diet mixed with organic strawberry baby food. Oddly enough, because Irwin is not for sale or part of any of our breeding projects he is considered our only pet reptile. At the ripe old age of 20 he has certainly earned his retirement!

Update: Irwin passed away in April of 2013. He was 21 years old.


The passing of Irwin left us searching for another mascot. As it turns out, only a giant day gecko would do. This is Irwin II (aka Steve). He's not quite as calm as his predecessor, but he's getting there! He enthusiastically feeds off of tongs and superworms are his favorite! Hopefully one day we'll pair him up with a female and produce some beautiful babies, but even if we don't he will live out his days here just as Irwin I did.